New Online Video Systems Essentials Training

To keep up with technology, training is important. The merger of AV and IT is challenging for some system integrators. Wavepart can provide both theoretical and hands-on training on different levels with subjects like: Video, HDBaseT, IP Essentials, IP Advanced and AV over IP. Customization and even product training are possible.

Off the shelf training subjects are (one day each):

  • Video Systems Essentials
  • HDMI / HDBaseT
  • IP Essentials
  • IP Refresh
  • IP Hands-on
  • AV over IP
  • AV over IP Hands-on
  • Custom Training, technology or Product Training

Please let us know if you are interested. We are working on a detailed training overview in English. For now, it’s only available in Dutch:

Trainingsoverzicht als pdf