To keep up with technology, training is important. The merger of AV and IT is challenging for some system integrators. Wavepart can provide both theoretical and hands-on training on different levels with subjects like: Video, HDBaseT, IP Essentials, IP Advanced and AV over IP. Customization and even product training are possible.

Off the shelf training subjects are (one day each):

  • Video Essentials
  • HDMI / HDBaseT
  • IP Essentials
  • IP Essentials Hands-on
  • AV over IP
  • AV over IP Hands-on
  • AV over IP in a single day
  • Custom Training (including product training)
  • IP Troubleshooting – coming soon!

Please let us know if you are interested. We are working on a detailed training overview in English. For now, it’s only available in Dutch:

Trainingsoverzicht als pdf