BrightSign Digital Signage players: LS424 (left) and XT1144 (right)

BrightSign is known for it’s affordable, versatile players. In contrast with the Maevex, the BrightSign players do not look like ordinary boxes. They are really pleasing the eye. I have tested:

  • LS424: most affordable player that does single 1080p decoding
  • XT1144: flagship that does dual 4k decoding

Although it’s not part of this review, it doesn’t feel right to completely ignore some of the interesting features of the players (depending on the model):

  • BrightAuthor software to create complex, multi layer multimedia designs
  • Content update through micro SD card, local network or cloud service
  • AV connections: HDMI in (include live HDMI video), HDMI out, analog audio out
  • HDR support
  • I/O connections: USB, Infrared, GPIO, Serial
  • BrightBeacon for highly targeted audience engagement

Setting up the players is easy: install BrightAuthor, copy required settings from BrightAuthor to micro SD card, insert micro SD card into the player and you are done. The next step is to use BrightAuthor to create a window that contains a stream coming from the Maevex and put it in a playlist.

Setup where an RTSP Stream from the Maevex is inserted into a BrightSign XT1144 layout. As well as video from a Chromecast connected to the HDMI input of the player. – Click to enlare

What I have done in the setup shown above, is insert two videos on a background using a BrightSign XT1144 player (1080p60 output):

  • RTST Stream 1080p60 coming from the Maevex
  • Chromecast video, the Chromecast is connected to the input of the BrightSign player

The video plays looks good and plays smoothly. There a two things I noticed when I created this setup. The first thing is that you have to go down from “High” profile to “Main” in Maevex encoding settings. Otherwise the 1080p60 stream will not work in the BrightSign player.

The other thing is that streams are not always recovered without rebooting the player. If you change encoding settings in the Maevex, most of the time you will have to reboot the player in order for it to pick up the stream again. It’s not a major issue, but be aware of this when you are testing / setting up.

Inexpensive BrightSign LS424 player that plays 1080p60 RTSP streams as well

I have also tested the RTSP streaming with the inexpensive LS424 player and this works perfectly as well. You do not have the HDMI input, but if you are looking for a solid inexpensive hardware decoder this is a good choice.

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